Diana Castillo: Diana is a Colombian Architect who loves to create new worlds and alternative atmospheres, whether in a spatial way or in a graphical representation.  After living in China for almost 3 years, where she earned her Master's degree in Sustainable Design, she came back to her country to continue her professional and personal growth.  Now, interested in the power of  image, in her free time, she volunteers with organizations and translates her passion for graphic speech to express powerful ideas to people.

Bairave Sajenthan: Bairave is an accountant by profession. She is a Master’s degree holder in Business Management. Apart from number crunching, her interest lies around getting busy in going all creative with any and all types of arts and crafts. When she gets the time she also would not let go of a chance to snuggle up with a good book. Working to build up a society with education has been one of her major goals.

Raghu Ramachandran: Raghu has a Master’s degree in Architecture from Clemson University, USA. He is extremely passionate about design and when he is not busy building townships, one can find him engaging in other creative and artistic pursuits ranging from sketching to photography and music. A traveler by nature and a musician at heart, Raghu enjoys listening to Sufi music and collecting different musical instruments from across the world. His hobbies also include collecting match-boxes from all his travels and exploring this visual arts tradition.

Mao Thao: Since receiving her Bachelors degree in Architecture from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Mao has established her career in Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys being active in nature and making short videos of her adventures. She has an appreciation for art and passionate people.

Vini Agarwal: A public health expert, Vini has diverse experience in developing and organising health and education-based programs. She especially enjoys working with children using innovative and interactive teaching methods. An amateur painter, she loves to bring stories and poems alive with her typical style of acrylic painting.


Kirthi Jayakumar: Kirthi Jayakumar is a Lawyer/Writer from Chennai, India and the Founder of The Red Elephant Foundation. An avid reader with a keen interest in Peace and Conflict, Public International Law and Gender issues, Kirthi has worked as a volunteer with the UN, as an advocate and activist with several grassroot organisations and academic foundations. Her interest and experience over all lie in Afghanistan, the Middle East, DR Congo and South-Asia. When she isn’t pretending to work, you can find her with her nose buried inside a book.

Manmeet Kaur: Manmeet Kaur is a student of English Literature at Lady Shri Ram College for Women and the student coordinator of the Women's Development Cell at LSR. Passionate about multiculturalism, feminism, and peace oriented educational tools, Manmeet dreams of transforming the Indian education system by making it a gender neutral space of learning. She is currently exploring the nexus between mental health, feminism, and the expressive arts. She is always available for a chat about food, love, laughter, and feminism.

Nanditha Ravindar: Nanditha is a Masters student majoring in Communication. After a bachelors in Commerce from Stella Maris College, she worked with Google India for a while before she took to volunteering and teaching primary school students in Chennai for a while. During the course of her Masters, she developed an interest in research as well as development communication. She loves critiquing movies, discussing Raghuram Rajan or good pieces of journalistic writing and watching culinary shows, apart from reading books when she does find time for them.

Sharda Vishwanathan: A development sector professional, having worked in areas as diverse as urban planning, governance, gender empowerment and social enterprise.Sharda is passionate about using the digital space for empowering the society and improving citizen participation at varied levels. She strongly believes in the power of education and the ways in which it can act as a catalyst in empowering communities. It is this belief that has been instrumental in her choice of working within the education domain.

Viswanathan Sridhar: An architect by profession, Viswanathan is very passionate about green and climate responsive architecture. He also regularly volunteers for various organisations and contributes his time and efforts in engaging with the community to support initiatives aimed at empowering  children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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